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There's something new on the market next to rolling papers and glassine bags.

Some stores already selling items popular with the drug-culture crowd -- and some that aren't -- now offer a small glass tube marketed as a romantic novelty item but that police say is used to smoke crack cocaine.

The sale of these "love roses" -- named because an artificial rose is inside the 4-inch glass tube -- is creating a stir in the legal community Carton Of Cigarettes Price, which says people who sell the tubes are, in effect, making a profit off the drug trade.

Chicago outlawed the sale of love roses in 1999, and Michigan outlawed them in 2000. Distributors sell them to stores for 50 cents each. Stores sell the roses for $3 each, which is what a Buffalo News reporter recently paid for love roses at two corner stores in Buffalo.

Abdon Alfadel, who operates Queen Sheba Market, 426 Rhode Island St., said he sells love roses for the same reason he sells soda, beer and snack foods -- to make money.

"I don't care what they use it for. What I care is that it's legal," Alfadel said. He said he sells one to three per day.

Sujil and Tracy Amin, owners of Corner Store, 380 Connecticut St., say they no longer sell the roses. They removed them a few weeks ago, they said, because they didn't want to aid in the West Side drug trade.

Tracy Amin said people often come into the store looking for copper mesh scouring pads -- the key ingredient to turn love roses into drug paraphernalia. . . That's bull," said Dr. Richard D. Blondell, director of addictions research in the University at Buffalo Department of Family Medicine Marlboro Cigarette Types.

"There's a moral question here," he said. "You're not selling crack, but you're promoting the use and acceptance of it. You're helping people to use a highly ddictive drug that ruins lives and destroys their families."

G. Michael Drmacich, chief of community prosecutions for the DA's office, knows of no prosecutions for the sale of love roses in Erie County. Successful prosecutions of store owners for selling any kind of drug paraphernalia are rare, he said.

"(Love roses) would be a tricky case to prosecute, because the seller could claim that the product has another use, other than drug paraphernalia," Drmacich said. "I can't see any other use for this product Brands Of Cigarettes, but we'd have to prove that the seller knew it was going to be used for smoking crack."

Drmacich recalled that in 1996, he obtained a drug paraphernalia conviction against an East Side deli owner who was selling glassine bags used by crack dealers Marlboro Menthol Lights.

"In that case, we had an undercover Buffalo Police officer who went into the store and said, 'Give me some of those bags. His company sells about 500 products, including knives, swords and beef jerky.

"I've never been told this before Organic Cigarettes," Smith said, when a reporter told him what police said about love roses. "I'm certainly going to look into it, and if they are being misused, we'll stop selling them. . . . I certainly don't want to contribute to crack habits."

As of late June, love roses were offered on the Web site of American Buyers of North Little Rock, Ark. Owner Sid Richmond said he recently stopped selling the item.

He, too, said he had not heard that crack smokers were using love roses until The News contacted him.

He said he stopped selling love roses and took them off his Web site because his company wasn't selling enough.

"We just sell impulse products. . . . When things are hot, we sell them," Richmond said. "I don't buy things to promote the drug market. I buy things based on it being a hot product."
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